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Pietro's Story

Pietro, our superstar Head Chef from Cheltenham, joined us from Italy in 2013 as a kitchen assistant. Two and a half years (plus a good few Pollo Funghi) later and he's heading up his own team.

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Cathryn's Story

We’d like to tell you a story about Cathryn. She is one of our favourite people and one of our greatest success stories. She joined us at just 20 years of age and within three years she’s the General Manager of her own restaurant.

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Sophie's Story

Sophie, an Operations Manager with a dream, worked with one of her managers to take Bella Italia out on the road. Find out how a good idea can turn into a great idea if you take the initiative and make it happen.

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Amy and Kamil

Our Future Leaders programme has led many of the Bella Italia team on to General Manager positions. Amy and Kamil are two such members that have progressed in their careers and continue to development journey by showing true Italian spirit.

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