Hayley's Story

About Hayley

Career timeline
2015 - Joined Bella Italia
2018 - Progressed to a Supervisor
2019 - Promoted to Assistant Manager

Hayley started working for Bella Italia at the age of 19 when she joined one of our Blackpool branches. She had two young children at the time and was desperate to get out of the house and do something for herself. She started as a Team Member but quickly progressed to a Supervisor, taking everything in her stride, she enjoyed being part of a team and described the feeling of ‘belonging’ which gave her deeper connection to the work she was doing. She loved the buzz of hospitality and enrolled on to our Emerging Leaders programme where she developed her supervisory skills and experience and upon graduating was promoted to an Assistant Manager. She has since transferred to a different Bella Italia restaurant where she is embracing a new challenge as she continues to push herself and her own personal development even further.

"Working hard for something we love is called passion, and passion leads to purpose, and I know I definitely found my purpose when I joined such a caring and supportive brand like Bella Italia."